What does caviar taste like?

Question by i_love_the_astros21: what does caviar taste like? is it expensive? for some reason it looks gross to me?
i want to know what it taste like. I was watching a vid of caviar pizza worth $ 1,000 and that thing must be really good for that prize.

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Answer by peas and carrots
caviar is expensive. it’s usually the richer people who eat it.

and it’s fish eggs, so I’m gonna guess it’s salty and fishy. it’s an acquired taste?
I’ve never had the black one, but they sometimes put tiny little orange fish eggs on sushi. I don’t know if that counts as caviar though

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  1. CalLawGuy says

    I’ve tried a few kinds of caviar – Russian and Persian are supposed to be good, but to me the fishy salty taste is almost as gross as its consistency, like a bunch of sand mixed in with goo.
    I’m not sure how and why it got to be such a gourmet treat, but in all honesty I think 90% of people hate it, and of those other 10% about 90% are lying.
    It’s a silly and pretentious food consumed by silly and pretentious people. It’s more of a symbol of excess than anything else.
    By all means try some if you can, just be prepared to spit it all out when it hits your tongue.

  2. punchie says

    Here’s the deal. Like most specialty food items, caviar is an “aquired taste”. Like raw oysters…you either like them or don’t. If you like fish…then it’s a good start. If you can stand stronger varieties of oily fish like mackrel then all the better. However, the taste can range from a delicate fish essence to a strong fish essence.

    Fish roe (caviar) is usually served with other items more like a garnish per se than the main item…unless you are a millionaire and you really really like alot of caviar. One way it is served is like this: take a toast point (small pc. of extra dry toast), top it with creme’ fraiche’ (a lite version of French style sour cream), a little bit of caviar & a sprig of fresh dill. Also, you can try it in a sushi bar. Caviar is used to top off some of the various sushi rolls.

    Caviar is a considered a delicacy for the most part because it is rare. Well, at least the good quality stuff is. Types like Osteria & Beluga caviar fetch a high price.One species of fish from which high grade caviar is obtained is the Sturgeon Fish. The eggs must come from the female that has reached it’s sexual maturity which takes anywhere from 6-25yrs. So, that’s a long wait from few fish of a certain species. There are lesser quality (cheaper) types like smoked cod roe from Sweden.

    Go on and give it a try at least once. You might find out that you really like it.

  3. Sharon says

    I’m sure the caviar I had was cheap, but it was very salty and fishy tasting. I didn’t like it but my friend loves it.

  4. sheyna says

    NASTY!!!!!!!! It’s really salty and has a gross texture. I don’t understand how anyone can eat it, especially for what it costs!!!!!! I suppose that it’s an acquired taste, for that much money, I choose not to acquire a taste for it,LOL!!!!!!!!!

  5. garrisonbight says

    I agree with k monster… it’s a bit salty but otherwise, I think the idea of eating it is more mental than taste. Personally, I don’t really care for it.

  6. op_mommy says

    It’s usually expensive and I think it’s nasty… fish eggs – yuck! But some people like it (I think more people like it because of the prestige than the actual taste, but I could be wrong). I think it’s an acquired taste.

  7. k monster says

    Caviar really doesn’t have much of a taste other than being a little salty. Although I do think that it depends on what type of caviar you get.

    More importantly caviar is more of a symbol of wealth than a tasty treat. It’s more about being able to say “Ha, I can afford a $ 1000 pizza,” instead of it being a really tasty treat. It isn’t bad by any means but to say that it is the best thing on earth I’d have to say not so much.