Russian Celebrities Go Nude

Volochkova NudeThe colder this winter is in Russia the hotter are the pictures published by Russian celebrities. Anastasiya Volochkova, the ex-Bolshoi Theater ballet star, returned from her winter vacations in Maldives with a pack of 11 nude pictures and immediately posted them to her personal blog.

Anastasiya Volochkova

Volochkova addresses her nude pictures “To those who like it hot!” “Dear paparazzi, just for you! You’re hunting for us, stars, trying to take pictures of our pants, and even better to catch us without them. As if we have something others do not. NU, look!” reads the blog.

This generous gesture was interpreted by many observers as one more attempt of an aging ballet diva to attract attention of wealthy bachelors after her recent parting with a Chilean billionaire. Last year Volochkova tried unsuccessfully to fight the Mayor’s election in Sochi, the future Winter Olympics host city.

Volochkova’s nude session was softly condemned by the Russian ruling “United Russia” party which found Anastasiya’s pictures “relatively immoral”. The problem is that Volochkova represents one of the party’s “public faces” and not the “public breasts”, Russian journalists joked.

Volochkova can be also punished by Maldivian authorities because nudity is prohibited in this Islamic country.

Katya Gordon

Katya GordonAlongside with Volochkova, a popular Russian TV and radio star Katya Gordon has posted her topless picture to her blog saying that she’s ready to pose completely nude if the Russian government releases jailed Russian oligarch Khodorkovsky. In the past months Katya Gordon has gained a large audience with her pop song “Mathematics”, which includes the line “Somebody up there should have understood a long time ago that freedom cannot be taken away from us.”

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, who is now living in Moscow with her rich Russian fiancé Vladislav Doronin, seems to follow the new Russian trend. After a long break Naomi has posed topless for the February’s Russian edition of Elle magazine.

Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church is quite concerned with Russian Celebrities’ intention to strip right in the middle of winter fearing that spring will bring even worse surprises. Endorsed by Russia’s leaders as the country’s main faith, the Orthodox Church proposed Russian women dress more modestly and refrain from walking down the street ‘painted like a clown.’