Flower colors meaning in russia?

Question by VitaMan: What do some of the flower colors mean in russia?
I learned about yellow.. the very hard way. In russia yellow flowers mean I cheated or am breaking up..

What do some of the other colors mean?

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Answer by Gala P
white can symbolize innocence, red – passion etc

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  1. SimplyWhite says

    white roses could be given to someone on their wedding date. White lilies can be given to funerals.
    It’s kind of confusing so not many people pay that much attention anyway.

  2. hec says

    You already know about the yellow and it’s probably the most important, although I agree that red can mean passion and white can mean sympathy, it’s not as important as yellow.

    BTW, do you know that the NUMBER of flowers you give is also important (even more important than the color!). NEVER give 2 or 4, because this is considered for dead people (generally, even number is considered bad. On the West I found a way around it by buying a dozen of flowers and making two bouquets out of it – 5 and 7). The best numbers are 7 and 9. For roses even single rose is good.

  3. Ivory Q says

    white can also symbolise your compassion for someones death, dark red roses are usually given to older women, pink roses to younger ones